Platform Features

Cloud Simpliciti is

  1. Secure Cloud-based platform
  2. Automated Telemarketing Features
  3. Fast and easy to use
  4. Accurate and efficient
  5. Multiple campaign support
  6. Multi-tenant support
  7. Multi-platform support
  8. Fax, SMS, Email, IVR and Voice broadcasting
  9. Phone Surveys and Polls
  10. Real-time reports, graphs and charts
  11. Interactive/Demand dialing at the press of a button
  12. Excel sheet, CSV and CRM support of contact lists to dial into a campaign
  13. DNC (Do Not Call) lists management
  14. Answering Machine Detection (AMD) support
  15. Pre-recorded message to voice mail support
  16. Conversation recording

Detailed Features

  1. Cloud-based Fax, SMS, Email, IVR and Voice Broadcasting
  2. Multi-tenant platform meaning that Service Providers / ITSPs can create secure accounts and work independently
  3. Separate web portals for users and administrators
  4. Smart Auto dialer and Smart Predictive Dialer capabilities
  5. Importing phone number lists / contacts for use in multiple campaigns
  6. Filtering and categorization of contacts
  7. Scheduling of campaigns on the basis of selected days of the week and particular times
  8. Set up, configure, and run multiple campaigns simultaneously
  9. Custom CallerID with personalized Names
  10. Answering Machine Detection also playing custom messages
  11. Separate messages for answering machines and live persons
  12. Scalable to support thousands of calls and handle heavy loads
  13. Real-time control of campaigns using pause and start buttons
  14. Real-time change of campaign parameters using edit button
  15. Real-time Management of the number of concurrent channels/calls for active campaigns
  16. Simple Voice Broadcasting as well as Interactive Voice Broadcasting support (press 1 voice broadcasting)
  17. Inbound Voice Campaign support for inbound telemarketing
  18. Store and display Customer Responses for results and call status data reports
  19. Multiple technologies support including SIP/IAX2 and multi codecs
  20. User-friendly cloud-based configuration interface
  21. Seamless interface with multiple long distance carriers and gateways
  22. Control rate of concurrent calls for multiple campaigns
  23. Intuitive cloud-based IVR Designer
  24. Real-time system and call statistics charts for active as well as completed campaigns
  25. Web management interface for uploading and creating voice recordings, fax documents and SMS Messages
  26. Support for multiple audio file formats like wav, gsm, etc
  27. Can be used as standalone fax and email broadcasting platform

Call Center Features

  1. Basic call center functionality allows agents to receive calls
  2. External call center support for advanced call center functionality
  3. Queue calls with custom music on hold or pre-recorded messages
  4. Single extension or batch of extensions creation
  5. Forward to an agent on answer without playing IVR or forward to agent with IVR on key press


Cloud Simpliciti is a cloud-based fully automated B2B and B2C Communication platform with telemarketing functionality and Client Relationship Management functionality that helps to maximize your business productivity. It is a multi-tenant communication platform for outbound and inbound communication with prospective clients and businesses across the world. It can be used as a communication tool for personal as well as small and medium businesses.

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