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Article Business Scenarios (Who can Use it)
Non-profit fund raising Polling Lobbying firms Political campaigns Wedding invitations Outbound appointment reminders Inbound IVR...
Views: 429
Article Survey Campaigns
Survey Campaigns: A Survey campaign dials number from a contact list and, on answer by the recipient, asks a set of questions and records responses...
Views: 390
Article Inbound Campaigns
Inbound Campaigns: An Inbound campaign works like an IVR system. User publishes incoming numbers (DIDs) and interested callers call these numbers...
Views: 377
Article Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
Cloud Simpliciti interfaces with CRM applications to manage a company's interactions with current and future customers or contacts. CRM...
Views: 355
Article Tutorial Videos
Cloud Simpliciti Unified Communication PlatformCreating Contact Groups - Cloud SimplicitiAdding Contacts - Cloud SimplicitiImporting Contacts -...
Views: 350

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